Sunday, July 27, 2014

just dropping in

Well I know I only pop in every once in awhile. But life is busy busy, but I like it that way sometimes. Its nice to always have something to do. 
Since the last time I popped in lots has happened.
I am now an auntie of 3. Gracen is 2, Asa is 5 months and Tygh is 2 months. Crazy how time flies. Here are some pictures since the end of the summer til now.

At Lyns baby shower in July!!!

On September 6th Gracens birthday I big rain came!!!

I went down to Houston with Matt to see his dad at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Matts dad was diagnosed with skin cancer on his right leg. Tomorrow his dad actually has his appointment to get the results back from the biopsies from the tissue and nymph nodes they removed from his leg. We have been praying.

The beginning of October we went to the NHRDA World Finals and had a really good time!

Matt and I got to celebrate the marriage of one of his high school friend Case, and g
Had a great time at their wedding.

A few weekends ago my oldest sister held her very first Cutting and I got to offically show a cutting horse for the first time. I had a great time showing her mare Hollys Fancy Twist! I also got to spend lots of time with Gracen and Asa, I love being an aunt!!!

Got to spend some time with Lyn and Tygh. He is growing so fast. Can't believe he is already 2 months old. 

Last night the sunset was beautiful aND the moon was in a perfect spot, I had to get a photo. I love this shot of the sunset with the moon throught the drying grass and fence (this photo is also unedited).

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