Thursday, May 22, 2014

Long time no see

Hello friends. I knows it's been about 9months since my last post. But life has surely gotten away from me. So the quickest recap I can do.
We will start from the beginning of the year.
My second oldest sister Mandie is due any day now with my first nephew Asa Barrett McIlroy. My brother and sister in law are expecting in August. And it's a Boy!!!!!!!! Yay, Gracen Kate will be the tough older girl cousin to two little boys whom I know (if they are like all their parents (well except Lyn)) I know when be little hands full.
Well past that. My boyfriend and I had our one year anniversary in January. He's such a sweet heart!!!
Other than that. Just work work work. Can't wait to meet my nephews.
Here are some pictures of the last couple of months.

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