Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stopping In


Yes, I have been a stranger to the blogging world lately, life has run away with me. After graduation I have been just working and spending time with my boyfriend and friends. I look back on the last couple of months and it seems lots has happened. So I guess I'll have to start somewhere...... let me think... hmmmmm...
Okay, just following graduation I got my Addie back with me!!! How happy she is to be back with mamma!

As a graduation present from my parents, I received my mare Blessing in my name!! Soon she will be in Stephenville with me.

The 6th of June was Matts birthday, we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo, and had a great time!!!!!

In the middle of June the carnival came to town! It was a fun nigh! 

Not much else happened in June, just work, work and more work. When July came around I was excited about the 4th!! I went to Antlers, Oklahoma to Matts Mimi's house, we had a great time out at the lake and around Fort Townson. 

A week after I got back from OK, I headed out west to my sisters in Garden City! I had lots of fun Geocaching, antiquing, swimming and chatting that weekend!!! I'm not sure what it is about West Texas, maybe it because I was born out there in the sand and wind, or maybe it the hominess of the sun setting down on the flat surface. There is something that is comforting about that area, nothing beats a West Texas sunrise, there is just something about the sun coming out and allowing you to see all of it, and not hiding from you behind trees or mountains. It's like the sun in free to touch whatever it likes, it isn't blocked from places like a child, but has access to everything! It's a peaceful feeling. Anyways, I got to see Mandie and Bobby's cattle and we got to shoot some pistols!!!!

In other news, one day on my way to work, my kitty Frida was in my fan of my truck with I left my house, sadly, she didn't make it :(. Frida, you are missed dearly

  But a new face has arrived! ELVIS!!!

Another little baby I have some shots of is my boyfriends sisters puppy, he is a gray border collie, so adorable! Meet Max, he's pretty cute!

Well I suppose the last thing I have to say is that I can't wait to go home for Labor day weekend. We will be having my little nieces first birthday party!!! I'm very excited about it!!! She is growing up so fast....

Well it's bed time!

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