Monday, December 3, 2012


So a week and a half later I am finally getting my pictures up. It's been real busy for me, I work constantly. Okay, now to the pictures!
I only got 24 hours at my parents house this year, it was not long enough.... But for that 24 hours I had a great time!!!! Before Thanksgiving dinner we played Bananas, it was awesome, and Miss Gracen slept!
We had our yummy dinner, I was suffering from how much I ate. :) 
We took a family picture since EVERYONE was there! Mom and I took some tester photos to make sure it was a good spot, Buster helped us!

 My beautiful family :) first holiday season with a baby! It is very exciting :)

After we took the picture, Mandie, Bobby, Rygh, Lyn and I went on a hike. We took 10 of the dogs with us, which made it eventful! I found a few arrow heads and the dogs found a big coon... Cash got a little bloody... My siblings and their spouses are so cute!!! My Addie was very happy I was home for awhile, she sure does love me!! :) The mountain is beautiful with all the changing colors, I love Fall! We found one of the Indian grinding holes and I thought the cactus's were pretty!

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  1. Love the photos!!! What a very special day it was!!!

    Love you!