Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve!!!

Merry Christmas! Being able to come home for three days is really nice. It finally feels like Christmas being at my parents house! The tree and all the smells of Christmas linger in the air; all the pies, cookies, turkey, ham and fixins filled the house as we have our Christmas activities on Christmas Eve so we can celebrate with more family members now that my siblings are all married and have other Christmas' to go to. But I spend more time at home since I am unattached and single!

 Christmas is a lot different this year having a baby in the family! Gracen Kate is the bell of the ball!! 
Nene does Ol' McDonald had a farm! She laughs and giggles when Nene does this!
Gramps does the circus!!
 We play games on the computer with silly Gramps!
 She's such a happy little girl!
 Aunt Mandies phone is very interesting!
We share our caterpillar with Aunt Mandie!

Chore time came along and we couldn't just sit in the house, Gracen had to help too!
 Sweet Gracen and Aunt Mandie
Aunt Mollie and Mandie love little Gracen
 My beautiful Mommy!
Finally got a picture with Momma Mik! She is a fantastic mother to Miss Gracen! I think Daddy Tyler is doing some exercises in the back ground. ha.
Christmas Eve was a great day! I love being with my family!


  1. Hi Mollie, Just came over from Doniene's blog,Looks like a fun and blessed Christmas with family. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Christmas was a great time. I love being home with my family!
      Thank you for looking over to my blog. I hope you enjoy my posts!!