Thursday, December 6, 2012

An "ah ha" moment.

After getting off work today I was not feeling so great. I had a pretty uncomfortable headache and was feeling weak. So when I got home I took some Tylenol cold and laid down to rest and 4:30. As soon I laid down I fell asleep. I think I woke up at 6ish but was half awake when I glanced at my phone, answered one texted then went back into my sleep. At 7:15 I woke up looking at my phone with one though "I'm late for work... Why haven't they called me?" I work 7-4 a lot, which I prefer cause I get off work with a little day light left to do some things.
After glancing at my phone and the time, I couldn't figure out why it said Thursday December 6th when in my head I was like "no, today is Friday the 7th, yesterday was my moms birthday." I argued with myself for a minute then bolted out of my bed and pulled my pants on. I turned on a light to look at my watch to see what it said. It showed 7:15 but the minute hand was right over the date. I was feeling really lost and confused, I've never felt like this before. I've never been this clueless or disoriented in my life. Once I saw my phone said 7:15"PM" I was ok. I calmed down and understood what was going on. For a good minute there I was about to go get in my truck and race to work I fear of being late. Falling asleep at 5ish with no alarm I figure I'd wake up around 8 get ready for bed and go back to sleep. But it took me for a little different experience.
I got to thinking about how disoriented I felt and how frightening that was and thought "I wonder if this is how people without Christ feel like. Lost and confused with out the steady, never failing, unwavering guidance from The Lord Jesus Christ." I hurt for those who are lost and feel as I felt for that brief moment. I never want to feel what I felt again. That feeling was lonely, cold, confusing, uncomfortable, and all around heartless and mindless, not a feeling of Christ. That feeling reminded me of how I felt when The Lord walked with me in a dream down through the entrance of hell. It was cold, frightening and all around ungodly. Once my state if confusion left me my mind was clear and understood what was really going on. But for that slight moment, I understood how those how are wondering the world lost, those without Christ by their sides, I knew how they felt, and how I pray that they experience that moment when all is clear and they understand what is happening in their life by The Lord opening their eyes!

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