Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend of laundry and babysitting!

This past week in TREAT class has been a great one for my favorite rider (ian). I am his backrider, and ride with him every time. I loves me, he always gets excited when he sees me :) He's two and a half and is tiny. His left and right brain doesn't work together and operate independently so he is not developing correctly. But he is so cute and fun!
This weekend I have Miss Tinky again while Tiffany is outta town. I wish I had a more exciting weekend planned. Just laundry, playing with my kitties and Tink, and work work work of course!!


  1. Ian is so cute!!! You are amazing with those kids!!! What a blessing you are to many!!

    Love ya!!!!

  2. Thank you mama! It's because you are such an amazing mother ;)