Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Presidential Election

To be completely honest I do not k ow much about what is going on in the election race. I did vote yesterday and all I knew was I do not want Obama back in the White House. There are a few things I've heard about Romney that I'm not completely impressed with, but he is sure better then Obama. I don't like discussing politics too much, so I'll leave it at the point that I voted!!! It was my first presidential election to vote in. Four years ago I wasn't 18 until the march after election. So it was nice to have a say. I say if you can vote and didn't, you have no right to complain about the government. But if cant vote (like not old enough) and wanted to, you can put your 2cents in. And if you actually voted, your 2cents in your vote, but you are able to say whatever you'd like about the government since you contributed your 2cents. Well I vote !! Hope The Lord answers out prayers and replaces Obama!


  1. you don't watch the news much do ya? Obama was re-elected

    1. no mandie, i don't have tv.... and i looked at the news after i posted this and saw he was re-elected.

  2. Glad you voted! God's ways are not our ways - so we must continue to trust!