Thursday, October 11, 2012


A week and a half late posting this, but I finally got to it!! A few weekends ago my mom, sister Mandie and Lyn and Lyn's friend Whitney and of course myself, went to Warrenton to our girls antique shopping extravaganza!!! Even though it rained all weekend, we still had tons of fun!!! We stayed in the cutest little house I loved it!! There were a few barns and a laundry house! There were two huge trees outside, Mandie looks so small next to one! I just loved the upstairs!
I bought a few goodies, but don't have any pictures on them yet. Bought two windows, a few license plates, a 1951 Texas and a cool Kansas one with a sunflower on it! I got some cool knobs and a cute burlap purse! And my moms birthday or Christmas present!

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