Sunday, October 21, 2012

Surprise 60th Birthday Party for my Daddy!

Tomorrow is my dads 60th birthday! Last night we had his surprise birthday party and it was a blast! My mom and sister Mikkie planned it all, they is a fantastic job! They got a good friend of my dads to take him away from the house for a few hours so we could get everything ready! Everyone arrived before my dad got back and boy was he surprised. Before he got there though, we all enjoyed some snacks and coffee! Even though my dad was the main point of the gathering, my baby niece Gracen was also a very popular person there!

Dad finally showed up and he was so surprised! his smile was so big I'm sure his cheeks were hurting!!
He had a chocolate cake for his yummy birthday cake! We let Rygh and Bobby put the 60 candles in, it was interesting to watch them do that task!! Since I was manning the camera, I didn't get to help lite the candles, but my three siblings did! At first attempt to blow out the candles he was silly and didn't even blow air at the candles, he is so silly, but he finally got them all blown out!
My best friend Jenny came home with me and between dinner and cake we went out to see all the dogs and while doing so I had to take some pictures of the sunset, Jenny and the dogs and some pretty dotted-gay-feathers!
It has been great to come home and see all my family! They are such a blessing and I can't imagine life without all them being apart of my life!

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