Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting some things done!

Today after I got off work I actually got something done!! I got home and cleaned the floor (well swept) and picked up my house and made it look so much better. I started laundry, which I'm waiting to dry to finish. I did dishes and started a project I did. After an hour of letting my project set I put it in its containers.
My project!
I saw on Pinterest a recipe for homemade shaving cream.
1 c. Shampoo
1 c. Conditioner
1 tbsp. baby oil
1 tbsp. lotion
Mix and let set an hour!
I haven't used it yet. But I'll let you know when I do!!
While I waited i played with the magnet letter I got from Walmart for 50cents!! Miss Frida also relaxed!!!

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