Friday, August 24, 2012

The morning activities!

This morning we were away from the house for awhile to check the cows and water. I saw some cool stuff while we were out and about!
This is a Siamese Tree! It's hard to see, but the tree limb is connected to the other tree!
We saw a field of prickly pear, yucky stuff!
Though the apple on the pear are pretty purple!!
We saw the cows! This is moms pretty milk cow Jossie!
We went to the Vally!
Saw Whitworths goats, they all came by the fence to say hello!!
Saw a cotton field with a meadow in the middle, thought it was a cool sight!
Finally we went to go get the mail and saw some cool Windmill Grass by the mail box and some pretty Eryngo.

Me and mommy had a fun outting!

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