Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Kitties!

I have two cats, Brinkley and Frida! 
Frida is the brown tiger and Brinkley is my tuxedo cat! They are in their teenage years, still little playful kittens! They are about 18 weeks now, so half grown cats!  
They love to roll around in my bed and play with my feet!!
   They also snuggle and and sleep at my feet!
My girls are complete house cats, it has been an adventure for them to come to my parents and explore the outdoors! Since my parent do not allow pets in the house they've been exploring the front yard!
 We now know that grass is yummy....
 Brinkley loves to climb trees!!


  1. These kitties are just so cute!!! They do LOVE Mollie!!

  2. I knew Brinkley was a tree climber. She tried to climb my silk tree in the house.